a rEAL family pRACTICE!


Contact Number:  (337) 231-5250

At the law firm of Colomb & Saitta, the concept of the attorney as a trusted family advisor is still going strong. The firm has, in one form or another, served the good people of Acadiana for over twenty years. Its attorneys pride themselves on the relationships they develop with their clients.

As a general practice, the law firm of Colomb & Saitta provides legal advice in areas such as personal injury, torts, criminal law, traffic violations, business transactions, contracts, sales, leases, successions, donations, trusts, domestic, and family law. Colomb & Saitta also offers mediation services.

The goal at Colomb & Saitta is to be capable of helping a client with all of their legal needs throughout the many stages of his or her life, establishing a relationship of open communication and trust. Often, those same clients send their own children to the firm when in need of legal advice. The firm of Colomb & Saitta is truly proud to have served multiple generations of families within the Acadiana region. And it will continue to do so for years to come.